Story of a soldier (2018)

Die-Geschichte-vom-SoldatenMusic Igor Stravinsky, Text by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz, Translation Elisabeth Plessen, Idea Etta Scollo, Music director Stanley Dodds, Directed by Atif Mohammed Nor Hussein, Services Mimmo Paladino, Members of the Karajan Academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker: Violin: Riley Skevington // double bass: Philipp Dose // clarinet: Liane Leßmann // Bassoon: Javier Biosca Bas // Trumpet: Markus Mayr // Trombone: Jonathan Ramsey // Battery: Christian Sobbe, Puppeteers Ines Heinrich-Frank, Sebastian Fortak and Paul Hentze, Dramaturgy Francesca Spinazzi, Production Etta Scollo and Francesca Spinazzi, Coordination Torsten Mass, Photo Piero Chiussi, Video Guillaume Cailleau, Technical direction and light Benedikt Schröter  [Website »]

The SHARING HERITAGE Love Tree Ensemble (2018)

sharing-heritageEleven outstanding musicians from all over Europe invite you to experience astonishing facets of European folk music in an extraordinary concert. After all, in 2018 Europe is celebrating its diverse cultural traditions – and the motto chosen by the EU is ‘Sharing Heritage’. Singer Helene Blum and violinist Harald Haugaard, two of the world’s most popular Danish musicians, have launched the SHARING HERITAGE Love Tree Ensemble in their roles as ambassadors of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. The artists involved embody very different musical traditions from Finnish Karelia, Northern Ireland and the High Tatras to the Alps, Sicily and Portugal. [Website »]

Lampedusa 361 (2017)

lampedusa361What happens to the dead? The writer Heidrun Hannusch was raising that question in light of ever more and smaller printed news coverage about refugees drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, we embarked on a long research and a journey to more than two dozen Sicilian cemeteries; to the true memorials of a great tragedy of recent human history; to the graves of those refugees who died while fleeing poverty and war. [Website »]

ROSA! Anniversario di Rosa Balistreri (2017)

rosa_smallUno sguardo al passato per aprire una porta verso il futuro. E´ così che si può definire il „ritorno“ di Etta Scollo a Rosa Balistreri, il „trovatore“ al femminile della tradizione musicale popolare siciliana, scomparsa nel 1990 dopo una vita intensa e controversa, perfettamente rispecchiata nella forza espressiva delle sue canzoni. Il primo “omaggio” di Etta Scollo alla musica di Rosa Balistreri avvenne durante un indimenticabile concerto a Palermo, nel 2004, nel corso del quale Etta, accompagnata dall’Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, interpretò le perle del repertorio della sua conterranea, da lei arrangiate, come per obbedire  [... »]