Voci di SiciliaYear of publication: October 2020
Copyright: Corso Verlag
Voci di Sicilia is not a travel book. It is rather a search for clues. To discover and rediscover the largest island in the Mediterranean. A multi-layered, polyphonic view of Sicily, which is nothing more and nothing less than its own continent, between Europe and Africa.  [… »]

IL VIAGGIO DI MARIA (Maria’s journey) (2019)

Il viaggio di MariaRealise: october 2019
Copyright: Jazzhaus Records
Tracklist: Si fici già omu (Si fece già uomo) – A Nannaredda (La ninnananna), Il canto del pastore, Santi spiriti divini, Natus est (È nato, è nato), Novena di Natale a Custonaci, A cantata di li pasturi (Il canto dei pastori), Pastorale di Messina (strumentale), Canzuna da’Nuvena di Messina (Canto di Novena di Messina), Quannu Diu s’avia ’ncarnari (Quando Dio doveva incarnarsi), E la gran cunfusioni (E la gran confusione), Si partiu di Nazzarettu (Partì da Nazareth), San Giuseppi e Maruzza (San Giuseppe e Maruzza), Novena (strumentale). [… »]

IL PASSO INTERIORE (The inner step) (2018)

Il passo interioreRealise: may 2018 Copyright: Jazzhaus Records Tracklist:  U çielu çianci (The sky cries) – L’amuri ca mi cuogghiu … (The love that I collect), N’amore bello (A beautiful love), Tra la morte e la vita (Between death and life), I primi tempi (The first times), Il passo interiore (The inner step), Le stanze di Ligeti (Ligeti’s rooms), Shemà, Adonay, Suite per Lampedusa (Suite for Lampedusa, La voz (The voice).. [… »]


Tempo al Tempo cover Tempo al Tempo is the new jewel in the crown of the versatile Sicilian musician Etta Scollo. A wreath in which are embedded works crossing all kinds of music, from pop to opera, jazz and traditional music, genres that merge into each other in a constant search for dialogue with other artistic expressions, especially poetry  [… »]

LUNARIA (2014)

Lunaria This CD documents a recording event in tribute to the memory of the great contemporary writer Vincenzo Consolo, who passed away recently. The tribute is also the result of an idea born during a meeting between Etta Scollo and the author some years ago – the development of the musical potential of his novel “Lunaria”. [… »]


One morning a heart wakes up, getting aware that his body that used to cuddle, protect and sustain him, is no more. So he decides to go and search for him. [… »]


Not long ago in Bologna, while I was in the Bibliotheca of „Archiginnasio“ studying several literary documents, I became engrossed in the book Antologia dei poeti arabi di Sicilia (anthology of arabic poets of sicily) , published by Francesca M. Corrao [… »]


Sicily: That stands for mamma, mafia, murder and … milk. Milk? Exactly, while Sicily is connected with milk in a much longer history than with the notorious “m”- cliché. [… »]


Actually, I hadn`t intended to produce a second Rosa Balistreri album. Especially not to a large extent with the same songs as the first and in such a reduced form, constantly searching for an equilibrium between the strings of a fiddle and blowing into a shell-trumpet. [… »]

CANTA RO’ (2005)

Etta Scollo and the “Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana” Tribute to Rosa Balistreri I first heard Rosa ‘s voice when I was about 14 years old. Someone gave me a tape with a few of her songs on it. [… »]

CASA (2003)

Àncora dentro al cuore | lega là quel dolore | è ancóra nei tuoi occhi | che pregano, implorano, imprecano. Ancóra voci rotte | sussurra, mani vuote | prendi la prima via | per perderti senza più chiederti [… »]




BLU (1999)